Our Story

Kahenmei, or 家鄉味, means “a taste of hometown” in Cantonese.

Growing up as a third-culture, Asian kid in America, I know the feeling of being a citizen of nowhere and everywhere all too well. My preferred version of Sunday brunches was always in the form of dim sum. But I also can’t deny that I often enjoy peanut butter and jelly bagels for dinner and have repurposed my chopsticks to pick chips out of a bag from time to time (game-changer)! 
I was simultaneously not American and not Chinese enough - a feeling that would haunt me for more than half my childhood. 
But thankfully, kiddo me would grow up to embrace and cherish my identity (as confusing as it might be). I would come to realize how lucky I am to be able to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Thanksgiving just the same. And how blessed I am to get to claim two New Year’s as my own. Plus, the freedom to get pizza AND soup dumplings for my birthday?? Sign me up! 
In many ways, Kahenmei was founded to reflect and recognize kids who grew up like me. 
Kahenmei was built to celebrate the blending of American and Asian cultures. We believe that we can simultaneously pay homage to our roots while embracing our fusion upbringings. 
We aspire to take the American treats we know and love and explode them with Asian flavors. In doing so, we hope to curate the tastiest, healthiest treats that are not stuck between two worlds, but the perfect merge of both. Our greatest hope is that each bite will bring you a taste of heart, health, and hometown. 
With love,